Music has been part of my life since...well, before I was even born. My mom once told me that while pregnant with me, she dropped a pan in the kitchen, and I jumped. Since that moment on, I've been addicted to rhythm.

I began writing music and composing in 1992, while in college for music at Bowling Green State University in my home state of Ohio. Now 25 years later, I've composed several hundred original pieces ranging from jazz to pop, EDM to orchestral.

I released my first self-produced album 'AWAKENING' in January 2016. After completing the album, I realized how much I loved producing. Now having produced other musicians as well, I'm seeking other musicians to work with to collaborate and also to produce for.

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Awakening CD image
Awakening CD image
INNERSPACE (in production)
72 CD image
72 (in pre-production)
(contemporary jazz)

Let's Collaborate

I'm always looking for other musicians to work with. No matter if you are in the U.S., or Timbuk3 (as long as there's internet in your corner of Timbuk3), we can combine forces and create some awesomeness. I primarily record with Logic - in the process of learning ProTools.

Check out the video demo links below and get in touch. I currently have over 50 songs waiting to be recorded (and usually record 5-10 new demos every week).

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Videos (Releases & Concept Demos)

Just One More Time (Concept Demo)

Awakening (From AWAKENING Album)

As You Wish (Concept Demo)

Over The Edge (From AWAKENING Album)

The Start of Something Big (Concept Demo)

Miss Understood (Concept Demo)

A Beautiful Nightmare (Concept Demo)

The Surfer (Concept Demo)

What Dreams Will Come (Concept Demo)

Get In Touch

I'm now located in Nashville. To discuss collaborating or for any business inquiries, please email me at music@brycemillikin.com.

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