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Your website is an extension of your brand and corporate image, and should be treated as such. Sadly enough there are still hundreds of millions of businesses that still believe their non-mobile responsive website is effective.


Experts have said that, in some cases, NOT having a website is better than having a website that is not designed for mobile and tablets.

According to Google

if a mobile site is difficult to navigate, there’s a 61% chance visitors will leave. If users have a positive interaction with a mobile site, they are 67% more likely to convert.

You have 3-5 seconds

to 'WOW' your mobile-customers. Today's consumers are used to mobile-friendly websites without even knowing thats what they are. They EXPECT them!


Over 60%

of U.S. web traffic now comes from mobile devices.


of mobile users are more likely to buy products or services from a mobile-friendly site.


of American millennials said their phone never leaves their side.



Google has found 75% of users prefer mobile-friendly sites, and half reported frustration or annoyance when encountering sites that weren’t designed with mobile in mind. To help encourage more users to make the "shift to mobile”, Google began rewarding responsive sites with higher search engine rankings by implementing a new search algorithm. As of April 21, 2015, Google’s algorithm now incorporates a website’s “mobile friendliness” into its rankings. The algorithm will scan each page for load times, mobile responsive design elements, and best mobile practices – and websites that are not optimized for mobile will appear lower…MUCH LOWER in Google’s search rankings.

Given this substantial change to Google’s algorithm and site ranking methods, the need for companies to optimize their websites for mobile has never been greater. And while companies can always create a separate mobile website to achieve that end, a mobile responsive website is a significantly more efficient and cost-effective solution that seamlessly caters to both mobile and desktop users. Not having a mobile website can cause businesses and organizations to lose out entirely on a fast-growing audience.



Samples of My Work

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I'm not a big, expensive firm, with HUGE overhead. I'm just one guy, who has learned how to do a lot of things really well. My passion with web design is helping businesses like yours to better reach and interact with your customers in this fast-paced digital world.

My turn-around time is usually 2-4 weeks - not 3-6 months - at a fraction of the price you'd find with a big agency.

Best of all, if you are saying YES, but your budget is saying NO, I can offer Net60 payment terms.

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- Bryce Millikin